Adobe Media Encoder CC 2020 Crack + Product Key Free Download

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2020 Crack + Product Key Free Download is a programming program that allows you to encode audio and video files for different applications and audiences in different distribution formats. This video and audio format are compressed. Download this program for to export videos in formats supported by multiple devices, from DVD players and websites to mobile phones, portable media players and standard and HDTV.

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2020 Crack + Product Key Free Download

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2020 Crack + Product Key Free Download

Adobe Media Encoder CC 2020 Crack Free Download allows you to process multiple video clips and audio clips in batch mode. In environments where the video is an important part of the content, batch processing speeds up the workflow. During video file encoding, the program can add, reorder, and change encoding parameters for batch queue files. Adobe Media Encoder CC supports multiple video export formats, depending on the Adobe application installed with the application. Specifically, it is the core of Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Location Code. However, the program can also be used as a standalone coding tool.


  • Export support 8 kB H.264
  • Export X format AVCQ FHD Long GOP 4: 2: 2
  • Enable Intel Core 7th generation (or later) and enable hardware-accelerated HEVC encoding for
  • Intel graphics in Windows 10
  • Improved red camera format
  • Improved Sony RAW / X-OCN camera format encoding
  • Use Intel Core ™ 6th Generation Processor (or later) in Windows 10 and Windows
  • Intel Graphics.
  • H.264 and HVC hardware acceleration on Mac OS 10.13 with supported hardware
  • Support for Canon C200 camera format import
  • Support for importing Sony Venus camera shapes
  • Red Camera Pipe Display Support [IPP2]
  • Support for target launch of the new Twitter 280 series
  • Select a channel when publishing to YouTube and Vimeo
  • Select a playlist when publishing to YouTube
  • Select a page when posting to Facebook
  • Add your own themes when you post to YouTube, Facebook, or Vimeo
  • Include custom video thumbnails when publishing to YouTube
  • Items in the queue are missing before encoding
  • Adaptive Bit Rate Preset H.264 automatically selects the best output bit-rate based on the source image size and refresh rate
  • Export GIF dynamically to macOS and Windows
  • Improve the time toner effect
  • List of newly revised H.264 presets
  • Sony X-OCN and QuickTime DNx Smart Rendering support format, WAV RF64 code/code
  • Warning when importing non-local QuickTime sources
  • 720p 59.94 edit the media time code
  • Target posts for the Adobe Stock Partner
  • Support for Adobe team projects
  • Support color profiles from effect sources
  • When you import sequences, they are automatically linked to the data
  • Ability to retain playback in Premiere Pro when rendering to Media Encoder
  • Smooth bit depth and alpha channel settings (QuickTime only)
  • Export support for Ambisonic voice (H.264 only)
  • Hybrid LOG Gamma (HLG) Support
  • Supports HDR in HEVC (H.265) Panasonic AVC Long GOP Op1b export

Advantages of Adobe Media Encoder:

  • Select a channel when posting to YouTube and Vimeo
  • Select a playlist when publishing to YouTube
  • Select a page when posting to Facebook
  • Add titles when you publish them to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo
  • Add your own video thumbnails when you publish to YouTube
  • Notification of missing position in line before encoding
  • Adaptive H.264 baud rate settings can automatically select the maximum output
  • Speed ​​based on actual video size and refresh rate
  • Supports GIF animation export for Mac and Wi-Nows
  • Improved timer effect
  • List of new H.264 settings
  • Supports RF64 WAV encoding/decoding, Sony X-OCN, and decoding.
  • Quicktime DNx intelligent products
  • Warning when importing QuickTime sources to other formats
  • Change the time code of the multimedia content to 720p

System requirements:

  • CPU: Intel Chicago or later CPU
  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit), version 1703 or later (required)
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Hard disk space: 4 GB of available hard-disk space; additional space required during installation (cannot Installed on Removable Flash Device)
  • Screen resolution: 1920 x 1080 or higher
  • GPU: Adobe recommends using a GPU card to improve GPU performance (see Premiere Pro system requirements)

Program information:

  • Year of publishing: 2020
  • Platform: Windows 10 (64-bit only)
  • Interface language: multilingual / Russian / English
  • Madison: Built
  • File size: 878.03 MB

New features:

Export HDR10 with metadata

You can now add HDR10 metadata when exporting HDR clips.

Support for new file formats

  • Adobe Media Encoder provides reliable support for embedded formats and improved performance for common file types.


  • New encoding template for video publishing
    New encoding settings templates can be used to publish videos to Adobe Stock.

    Repackaged for Win 7 / 8.1 / 10:


  • Adobe Application Manager modules installed by the original installer have been removed from the installer, except for the necessary minimum.
  • Except for the minimum required, the Adobe Desktop Common module, which is installed by the original installer, is cut out of the installer.
  • The Adobe Creative Cloud module, which the original installer must install, is completely cut out of the installer.
  • The installer provides a choice of the installation path and interface language.
  • It is unlocked to install the program on Windows 10 junior versions.
  • The program is already activated. It can be used immediately after installation.

What’s New:

  • View color management support
  • Alexa LF ERI camera format support
  • Supports Sony Venus V2 camera format
  • Google VR180 support
  • HitFix still supports image format on Mac
  • More support for hardware acceleration on Macs.
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