AfterLogic Aurora 8 Crack + Key Free Download

AfterLogic Aurora 8 Crack + Key Free Download

AfterLogic Aurora 8 Crack+Feature Key Free Download


AfterLogic Aurora provides collaboration for Webmail, Contacts, Calendar, Documents, and Help Desk Modules. The system runs through a web interface on desktop and mobile networks and also has applications for smartphones. Through the Aurora Webmail interface, users can review and send emails, manage IMAP folders, configure the Sieve email filter, add and edit signatures, and more. The server has a multilingual web interface and support for Outlook. Aurora  Crack is a web-based email server designed for the corporate environment, where the importance of security and the prevention of information leaks cannot be taken seriously enough. The highlight of the tool is that it allows IT professionals to create a platform that combines a calendar and an address book. Webmail, files, and help desk are all in the same location. When it comes to security, the tool supports SMTP, IMAP, and POP3 and can be used with existing servers, so no migration is required. Additionally, administrators can add powerful filters for spam and viruses and extend the scope of synchronization to mobile devices.

. Aurora provides collaboration-ready webmail, contacts, calendar, and file modules that are tightly integrated with each other. The web interface is available in desktop and mobile layouts. Arabic and Hebrew users can choose RTL (right-to-left rendering). In Webmail, users can review and send emails, view emails as topics, access and manage IMAP folders, reply to email invitations from iCal to schedule meetings, configure Sieve email filters, signatures, identities, and other options. The email editor supports drag and drops images and attachments from the desktop. You can download attachments by dragging and dropping and previewing images and PDF files using thumbnails. Users can use OpenPGP email, open zip and winmail.dat attachments, download all attachments with a single click, or save them in the “File” module. The address book supports personal, shared, and global contacts and groups, and can be exposed as a CardDAV server for mobile sync and Outlook sync. The calendar module allows users to share calendars, schedule events, create or attend meetings (compatible with Outlook) and synchronize with mobile devices and Outlook through CalDAV. With just a few clicks, iOS Profile Compatibility provides CalDAV / CardDAV / IMAP settings on iPhone / iPad. The files module supports personal files and shared files that can be synchronized through DAV. Supports AES-256 browser-side encryption (the server does not have access to raw data).

AfterLogic Aurora 8 Crack

Users can configure the time format, interface language (English and many other languages ​​are supported), and many different settings. Outlook sync plugin, web-based admin panel. It comes with source code (allows customization). The plug-in framework, easy-to-mark templates, integrated API. PHP, MySQL. Aurora is a complete business email platform for businesses with existing mail servers. The Aurora server includes a mail server. Multiple tenancies, multiple domains, and the ability to create a flexible subscription plan to make Aurora a platform for providers to provide commercial email services.

Users who access the site can manage their contacts, as well as global address books, shares, public and personal calendars, meeting invitations, and company folders so they can more easily share files with colleagues Address book functions: personal contacts; shared address book; autofill addresses; groups; synchronization of mobile devices through the CardDAV protocol; Outlook sync; LDAP integration;


Your private cloud combines components, file storage, and email in a single, unified environment—Thumbnail preview. Calendars can be exported as iCal files, published to the network, or synchronized with CalDAV clients. Log in to the network administration panel through social networks (Google, Facebook) Google Drive and Dropbox support import and export of contacts. Save emails as PDF files through CSV or VCF files. We have created a comprehensive partner program for you. Expand your own cloud business with best-in-class business services!

AfterLogic Aurora 8 Crack+Feature Key Free Download


  • Multiple email accounts per user
  • Mail thread (with IMAP THREAD support)
  • Mail filter (with Sieve support)
  • Signed identity
  • Notes (compatible with Apple client)
  • Microsoft file format viewer
  • Drag and drop attachments into webmail
  • You can open attachments winmail.dat / MS-TNEF and .zip
  • Attachment preview thumbnail
  • Calendars can be exported as iCal files, published on the web or synchronized with CalDAV clients
  • Network administration panel
  • Login using social networks (Google, Facebook)
  • Google Drive and Dropbox support
  • Import and export contacts through a CSV or VCF file
  • Save email as PDF

What’s New:

  • The calendar module has a calendar sharing feature that allows users to schedule events, create and attend meetings (Outlook compatible). It also supports synchronization with mobile devices through CalDAV.
  • The file storage module supports the storage and management of personal and corporate files in the user’s cloud.
  • File storage functions: – personal folders; – corporate folders (shared); – file-sharing; – access to shared files through network links; – storage access from mobile devices and other devices through the DAV protocol;

operating system:

WinXP, Win7 x32, Win7 x64 compatible


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