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AlDente Pro 1.24 Download Full Version

AlDente Pro 1.24 Download Full Version

AlDente Pro 1.24 Download Full Version

An application known as AlDente Pro can assist you in extending the amount of time that your MacBook’s battery can last. Within a healthy charging range, you have the ability to set a charging restriction, and with additional functions such as Sailing Mode or Heat Protection, you can keep your battery healthy for an even longer period of time. Simply by right-clicking on the icon that is located in the menu bar of AlDente Pro, you can pause and begin charging the device. When you activate the “Stop charging when sleeping” feature on your MacBook, AlDente will delay the charging process until just before your device goes to sleep.

When used between 20% and 80%, Li-ion batteries, such as the one that is found in your MacBook, have the longest average lifespan. It is important to remember that maintaining your MacBook battery at a full charge for the majority of the time can substantially reduce its longevity. Additionally, replacing an outdated battery is not only detrimental to the environment but also costs approximately $200. You will be able to set a charging limit within a more healthy charging range when you have AlDente installed. Additionally, with additional functions such as Heat Protection, Sailing Mode, and Calibration Mode, you will be able to keep your battery healthy for an even longer period of time.

With the features of the AlDente Free Charge Limiter, you have the ability to restrict the maximum charging percentage to anywhere between 20 and 100 percent. Either by utilising the slide bar or by putting in the appropriate percentage in the field located above and then pressing the enter key thereafter, you have the option to adjust it. Please refer to the article titled “Feature Explanation: Charge Limiter” for further information regarding the Charge Limiter feature.


  • Charge Limiting: This core function lets you set a maximum charge level for your MacBook’s battery. Once the battery reaches that limit, AlDente Pro will stop the charging process, preventing the battery from constantly being topped up to 100%, which can degrade its health over time.

  • Heat Protection: This feature monitors your MacBook’s temperature and can adjust charging behavior to avoid excessive heat buildup, another factor that can damage batteries.

  • Sailing Mode: This mode allows you to temporarily disable charge limiting if you need your MacBook to be fully charged for an extended period, such as during a trip.

  • Top Up: This feature allows for occasional top-up charges to 100% for calibrating the battery health readings on your MacBook.

  • Calibration Mode: This mode can be used to help recalibrate your MacBook’s battery health reporting system, potentially improving its accuracy.

  • Live Status Icons: AlDente Pro provides icons in the menubar that give you a quick visual indication of your MacBook’s charging status and current battery health.

AlDente Pro 1.24 Download Full Version

Despite the fact that it is plugged in, your MacBook can still function entirely on battery power thanks to a technology called discharge. Consequently, you are able to actively discharge your MacBook to a percentage that is more physiologically sound. The clamshell mode is not supported owing to technological restrictions, which is unfortunate because Discharge mode is active. Please refer to the article under “Feature Explanation: Discharge” for further information regarding the Discharge feature.


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