HDcinematics Convert 4 Serial Key & Keygen Free Download

HDcinematics Convert 4 Serial Key & Keygen Free Download

HDcinematics Convert 4 Serial Key & Keygen Free Download

HDcinematics Convert 4

Anamorphic shooters can effortlessly correct aspect that is display while converting to many codecs that are available rescale and adjust aspect ratio with choose codecs, or elect to quick-wrap with aspect ratio modification only Wrap that is(using too).

4K 4:4:4 DownScale
Scale down 4K  quality that is highest that is possible. V4 utilizes lump that is chroma that is separate to eliminate aliasing and items linked to climbing that is standard. Apply a correction LUT or curve while downscaling, select the input luma range (for GH4 or Canon digital cameras), burn-in timecode, the proper aspect ratio for anamorphic shots or crop to framework size that is cinematic.

HEVC H.265 for optimized playback
Use the H.265 conversions along with your videos that are 4K make them easy to relax and play on nearly every PC, reduce file size and to maintain the really quality that is high.
MPEG MXF – high-quality, effortless playback, now compliant MDF OP1a format
Take to the MPEG MXF conversions for reasonable file sizes; the really quality that is the great reproduction that is simple is 4K most applications.

PTS speed functions
Shooting at a framerate that is high? Convert V4 provides rate/pts functions for super-smooth motion that is sluggish. Convert V4 also supplies the capability to enhance framerates with appropriate audio rendering (24-25fps, 24-30fps, 25-24fps, 25-30fps, 30-24fps & 30-25fps).

Exceptional conversions for Avid, DaVinci Resolve, and Premiere Pro – OP-Atom!
For Avid users, Convert V4 provides translations which can be automated OP that is native Atom. Each transformation clip file shall include a video with associated files which are audio each channel of original sound. These can be ingested straight into Avid simply by refreshing the database once files have been around in the location that is acceptable.

Convert V4 provide super-fast wraps for converting.MXF that data which can be existing OP-Atom for direct ingest into Avid.

Avid DB

Convert V4 provides Avid DNxHD and DNxHR quality that is conversions that are high timecode and assistance that is the real name most HD formats as much as 1920×1080. Conversion times are fast, and production files work with many applications which are expert are NLE. Most PC software that is PC can effortlessly to handle DNxHD.

DNxHD Logo

3D LUT Support
Apply an LUT that is 3D a whole batch of clips in one procedure that is single is easy. Click the link to download a selection of independent LUTS.
3D assistance that is LUT

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On Location

Onboard movie scores .Convert V4 sports a set that is complete of entertainment scopes designed for fast checks of supply videos while working on-location. Functions included are;

A color picker feature is added to provide RGB and HSL information for pixels currently under the cursor.The V4 Video scopes could be utilized with numerous any input format and extensively are tested for accuracy
Scale Production

A drop-down variety of presets, or choose “Custom” and enter your very own scaling parameters into the provided width and height fields to change the resolution of your clips click the label that is re-Scale. Convert V4 will scale your conversions to your size you enter. Scaling operations are processed by suitable scaling algorithms for smooth and renders that are accurate.

Conversion Codecs

Utilize the drop-down menu to pick your transformation code. If options remain for the codec selected, the option labels for that codec shall become active. Because soon as you’ve got selected a codec and the options which can be appropriate enter a <project name> to act as an identifier that is exclusive your conversions. The task name can be the real even name in metadata as well as the title of the subdirectory the videos that are converted be put in

  • menu strip
  • Presets Panel
  • presetClick on the disc icon or “Output” to bring the Presets Panel up
  • Preset panel
  • Click on a banner that shows that is present some alternatives for


  • Convert V4 is set up by default to identify either timecode that is actual in a news clip or derived timecode created by file modification time. You can additionally select “Passthrough” through the timecode drop-down menu to bypass the derived timecode pass and function timecode (or shortage of timecode) along towards the clips being converted
  • Additionally, you’ll elect to re-stripe timecode across all clips into the Media Pool. Select “User Assigned” from the Timecode drop-down. The Start Timecode Panel will actually enable establishing the start timecode for the clips within the Media Pool
  • It’s also possible to elect to “Zero all” to create timecode to “00:00:00:00” for all videos within the news pool

TC Panel

Interlace / de-interlace

telecine that is fundamental furthermore available with select codecs as is de-interlacing as well
Audio Functions

Convert V4 will choose the format that is optimal is audio the selected conversion codec. You’ll elect to convert supply sound to either PCM Wav, AAC, ALAC, copy from source or no sound. Utilize the Audio Codec drop-down to choose.

When videos being importing are audio-only select “Audio Only” from the Video Codec drop-down menu. Select an audio conversion codec through the Audio Codec drop-down and begin
BlackMagic Hyperdeck videos will show 16 channels of audio. Convert will strip out the available stations and render an accurately mapped track that is sound your conversion. The PCM AUDIO key is ignored when 16 channel audio is detected

  1. QT RLE RGBA with Alpha Channel Help
  2. OP-Atom MXF XDCAM & DNxHD
  3. TIFF image that is 48-bit (16-bit channel that is per
  4. DPX image that is 30-bit (10-bit channel that is per
Understood Limits
  • DNxHD, MPEG MXF & OP-Atom conversions will render max. resolution 1920×1080
  • Video Supply resolution of 1584 x 674 (as supplied by Magic Lantern RAW videos recorded in
  • non-crop mode at 2.35:1 aspect ratio) will not transform to ProRes format – conversions will fail.

HDcinematics Convert 4 Serial Key & Keygen Free Download

HDcinematics Convert 4 Serial Key & Keygen Free Download

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