Solid Converter PDF 9.2 Crack + Patch Full Free Download

Solid Converter PDF 9.2 Crack

Solid Converter PDF 9.2 Crack + Patch Full Free DownloadSolid Converter PDF 9.2 Crack promises users among the most accessible applications for PDF change on the market. The system offers four icons for transforming as well as modifying PDFs. Converts, PDF documents in formats MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML or even merely plain, text that is simple. And that is not everything it can. There’s a News box next to it. At the bottom part of the display is a Learning Center, with step-by-step tutorials for those procedures. Lastly, running along the proper side will be the Command Center which shows users what file they’re converting and where it is going to end up.

Managing the system is pretty intuitive with the ease of choosing documents and just how small we’d to do to transform them to PDF. Other programs we’ve analyzed make the level too complicated, but Solid Converter held the hand of ours exactly where we needed it and also provided us freedom exactly where it was essential.

Solid Converter PDF 9.2 Crack + Patch Full Free Download

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The toolbar features the majority of the choices you will need. For starters, start a PDF file. Based on what format you are after, you have to click on a particular button on the toolbar. They are right under the nose of yours. The icons of theirs look as the executables from MS Word, Excel, etc. Extra functions will found on the proper side location of the key window, everything found on the own tabs of theirs. The “scan to the word” is the very first one, statistically, probably because, individuals choose to transform, PDF documents to the word. The next is a search feature, which you will probably not guess what it does.

Solid Converter PDF 9.2 Crack + Patch Full Free Download

The 3rd tab has a gallery of watermarks that you can click as well as drag over an opened, PDF document. The last tab has a characteristic called “create or blend PDF.” It does precisely what it may sound. Below you can include multiple or single PDF or text files and throw the contents of theirs in a single, PDF. The Interface might appear a bit overloaded, but that is just a very first reaction in case you’ve never accessed this program previously. Aside from the necessary resources, you will need on the best toolbar; you are going to find significant buttons for zooming and various viewing kinds on the window ‘s left margin.


  • PDF to Word Converter. Change your PDF documents to Word files for quick editing.
  • PDF to PowerPoint Conversion. Transform each page in the PDF of yours to some slide in PowerPoint then edit.
  • PDF to Excel Converter. Transform tables out of your PDF documents to Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets. Entire document or select pages.
  • Scan to Word. Check from paper to nicely formatted, editable Word documents using Solid OCR.
  • PDF to PDF/A Converter. Convert existing standard or even image PDF documents into entirely searchable ISO 19005 1 and ISO 19005 2 compliant achievable documents.

Document Conversion and Reconstruction:

  • PDF to Word
  • Convert to Excel
  • Convert to HTML
  • Scan to Word
  • Convert to PowerPoint
  • Convert to Text
  • Extract Images
  • Selection Conversion (file or clipboard)
  • Extract Data
  • Word Addin (Open Image button)
  • Word Addin (Open PDF button)

Archival and Creation:

  • Validate PDF/A
  • Convert to PDF/A
  • Scan to PDF
  • Create PDF using Office
  • PDF to Searchable PDF or PDF/A
  • Create PDF from Images
  • Combine
  • Create PDF using printer driver
  • Page Manipulation


  • Passwords, Permissions, Encryption
  • Page Viewer (Zoom, etc.)
  • Viewer Settings
  • Document Properties
  • Search
  • Multiple-Files
  • Print PDF

System Requirements:

  • RAM: 512MB

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